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Poster: Harry Wilson Date: Oct 22, 2013 10:06pm
Forum: oldtimeradio Subject: Re: Should I continue...?

Having an insecure day, Your Highness?

Seriously, don't worry. It's a comment section. While Archive's OTR section usually has the most civil, well-mannered comment sections around, if you were upsetting people, trust me, they'd let you know.

For those wondering, here's the page we're talking about:

You mentioned in your comment that you were still trying to get into old time radio. Besides checking out the Singles & Doubles pages, which are usually the more obscure remnants of OTR, you should also check out the better known series. A good way to start is with one of the sampler pages, such as this one, which has a good variety of shows, comedy, mystery, sci-fi & horror, and anthology series. All are very good quality, both in performance and in reproduction:

Once you find shows that you like, having listened to a handful of its episodes, come back to the forum and say "I really like the series X, Y, and Z; can you recommend any other shows that I would like?" OTR fans have no problem in sharing their opinions, and you will soon have a long list of favourite shows.

And relax. You've earned your place on the Archive.

P.S. To anyone reading this: what are some other good 'OTR sampler' pages?

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Poster: HappySwordsman Date: Oct 23, 2013 1:06am
Forum: oldtimeradio Subject: Re: Should I continue...?

OK, thanks for the help (and yes, I am a very insecure person, which is why I always leave comments like "please let me know if there are sync problems" on the pages for my TV uploads).

I'm going with shows with one or two surviving episodes first, as I don't feel I currently have the attention span to listen to, say a couple dozen episodes of a comedy or drama. I'm still getting used to listening to voices without pictures, which is why I'm starting off with things like chat shows and game shows. Once I've got used to that, then I could listen to more involved stuff like anthology series. I'm planning to listen to two comedy programs tonight, hopefully I'll enjoy them.

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